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Instilling Healthy Habits in Preschool

Parents want their children to be strong academically, but ensuring they develop healthy habits and behaviors it’s just as important.  When you consider how much time children spend in a classroom each day, you realize how vital it is for that  institution to prioritize healthy habits. Let’s take a look at some of the habits that the best preschools should promote:

Social and Physical Health

Hand washing, learning about the importance of healthy food choices, applying safety rules and communicating needs and wants through the use of words are all essential skills that learning environments should foster to promote healthy social and physical development.

Practice Routines

Having clear and consistent routines facilitates positive relationships and behaviors. The best preschool will implement a consistent routine from day one. Knowing what comes next or what to expect makes the transition between activities easier. It also facilitates maintaining a good balance between learning, physical activity, rest, and nutrition.

Endorse Physical Activity

Children need physical activity in their day – and a lot of it! The more they can move about, explore, and play, the healthier, stronger and happier they will be. Little ones who have a healthy dose of physical activity in their day have better control of their bodies, motor functioning, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and balance.

Maintain Fun While Learning

A good part of a day in preschool is spent learning in the context of play. Children at this age naturally enjoy learning and are excited about it. Teachers will use this natural excitement to offer students engaging, age-appropriate, hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for formal education in the future.

Ensure Proper Rest

It’s easy to think that being healthy and productive is all about moving around all the time. However, there should be a good balance between being active and taking some time to rest. Nap or quite times should be a very important component of the day to remain healthy.
These healthy habits are promoted at the best preschools in Doral. If you’re interested in learning more about our institution and programs, please contact us today.
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