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Understanding the Parental Involvement in Private Preschools

If your child is ready to attend preschool, you may have some questions about how you can be involved in your child’s early education as a parent. This brief guide on parental involvement can help answer some of those questions. Let’s learn about parental involvement opportunities in a local Pre-K.

1. Partnering in Education

Parents are a child’s very first teachers and continue to be the most important teachers throughout a child’s lifetime. A private preschool is a partnership between parents and educators. If you have questions about the curriculum or anything that happens in the classroom, don’t hesitate to ask. Parents and educators must work together to support the preschooler’s education. The right preschool encourages parents to ask questions to better understand how and what their child is being taught.

2. Parent Volunteer Opportunities

A private preschool welcomes parent volunteers. While no one is required to volunteer, parent involvement during preschool years is highly encouraged. Volunteers can be of great support to their child’s school and some parents welcome the opportunity to help out. Remember, you are a partner in your child’s education and the right preschool will always welcome ideas, feedback and collaboration.

3. Communication and Feedback

Effective and consistent two-way communication between parents and educators is essential in a high quality early center. Educators will keep you apprised of your child’s progress and let you know if there are any delays or areas where your child may need additional support. Likewise, it is important for parents to communicate any changes in routine or matters that may impact your child’s development and/or learning.
The right private preschool will always seek to work in collaboration with the student’s family in order to ensure the child has a strong support system.
According to USA Facts, about 29% of preschoolers attend a public school for preschool, and the rest of enrolled students attend a private preschool program. Many parents find the private preschool setting ideal for their family’s needs. If you are one of those families looking for a private preschool setting for your child, contact our admissions team to learn more about our Doral preschool.
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