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What Fine Motor Skills Can Art Stimulate for Preschoolers?

As a parent, you want to ensure your child has opportunities to develop key skills during their preschool years. According to NPR, children who attended preschool are 8% more likely to go to college than those who did not. Perhaps this is so because at an excellent preschool children will be exposed to activities that reinforce their physical, cognitive, language and socio-emotional development. Art is a very important program to consider when choosing or touring pre-k schools because it supports overall development as well as school readiness. Keep reading to learn more.

Creativity Through Open-Ended Art Activities

Exposing children to various art materials provide ample opportunities for creativity, self-expression and regulation of emotions. Young children need time to explore, familiarize and become comfortable with art materials prior to intentionally creating something with them. Look for pre-k programs that offer a wide range of materials and that do so through open-ended art activities.

Improved Grip Strength and Control

Young children need to practice strengthening their hands and fingers, and art provides the perfect opportunity. Activities like grasping crayons or markers help build grip strength. Using smaller or oddly shaped items like droppers and sponges promotes dexterity and coordination. Sculpting with clay or play-dough also requires force and controlled movements. Developing grip abilities prepares little hands for tasks like writing with pencils. Look for pre-k programs that offer diverse art materials and mediums to build these key fine motor skills.

Precision Through Drawing, Tracing, and Cutting

Art projects allow preschoolers to hone precision in small hand movements. Drawing pictures or shapes with crayons and tracing stencils boosts hand-eye coordination. Using safety scissors to cut out shapes or make collages also sharpens hand-eye coordination. Paintbrushes, likewise, encourage controlled wrist and finger motions. As preschoolers repeat these types of precise activities, they build the foundation for writing neatly and cutting accurately with scissors. Diverse artistic tasks at pre-k extracurricular programs, like the one we offer at The Learning World Doral, give your child’s fine motor skills a boost.

Art allows preschoolers to develop creativity, build grip strength, precision, hand and finger muscle control, and hand-eye coordination; all valuable and necessary for future school and life. With strong fine motor abilities, your child will be ready to take on new challenges like writing, cutting with scissors, and buttoning. Hands-on art activities at pre-k lay the foundation for school readiness and self-care skills. As a parent, you need to prioritize programs that prioritize art to stimulate your child’s fine motor development. Reach out to us to inquire about our classes, programs, and curriculum at the best private preschools in Miami.

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