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4 signs of a high-quality pre-k program

As a parent, you’re likely dedicated to your child’s education. If you have a little one, you’re about to send off to school, you may be feeling some stress. You can ensure your child is on a path to a good education by enrolling them in the right pre-k facility. According to USA Facts, about half of America’s three to four-year-olds are enrolled in a public or private preschool. Before such an enrollment takes place, here are some signs of a high-quality pre-k program to look for.

1. Engaging Environment

You should look for a pre-k that has an engaging and stimulating environment. The environment should be designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and learning. It should also be filled with interactive, age-appropriate resources for the children.

2. Trained Professionals

A quality program understands the value of having trained professionals working with the children. The entire staff should be highly trained, motivated and caring. Qualified professionals have the right certifications and have been vetted by the school administration to ensure they will help children reach the milestones for their age.

3. Supportive Materials and Activities

An ideal environment will have plenty of educational materials and activities to support a child’s development. In other words, it isn’t a space to just babysit your children. Children should have resources that are relevant to early education and play. From building blocks to flashcards to relevant technology, your child’s day will be filled with activities and guidance to support their cognitive and social growth.

4. Adaptive Curriculum

The right facility understands that children may reach milestones at different times. Children in the same class may come in with different strengths and weaknesses. A great private pre-k facility understands the use of an adaptive curriculum. In other words, teachers will understand which students need extra support and how to tailor such support. In the same manner, they will modify the curriculum, when necessary, in order to continue challenging the students who are already meeting certain milestones.
Enrolling your child in a pre-k environment has various significant benefits that can positively impact their development and early education. From trained professionals, to stimulating environments and adaptive curriculum, the secret lies in knowing what to look for. Contact our team today so we can give you a tour of our pre-k facility!
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