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Should Children in Early Childhood Education Programs Learn to Play Piano?

Early childhood education programs are critical to your child’s brain development. Most people know that these programs can help little ones develop a love for learning and foster academic growth for years. However, many parents wonder if learning piano is beneficial for children this young. Learning to play piano during the early years offers significant benefits.

Enhanced Cognitive Development

Learning to play piano enhances cognitive development. Children will utilize various brain areas such as their memory, because they have to recall specific notes. According to Your Modern Family, structural brain changes are seen when a child engages in musical training for as little as 15 months.

Strengthened Motor Skills

Although musical instruments are well-known for boosting cognitive performance, that’s not the only benefit they offer. Playing piano during the early years can help children develop fine motor skills because of how they use their fingers to play each key. Playing the piano also promotes hand-eye coordination. These are both important pre-writing skills.

Increased Ability to Concentrate

Young children generally have a very short attention span. While this is normal, playing piano can help them develop the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Longer attention-span will positively impact their learning in school. Piano lessons that are taught to young children generally use research based strategies that are effective for young learners and that help foster a love for learning.

Improved Understanding of Discipline

Developing discipline is important during the early years. Playing the piano helps children develop routine and understand the importance of structure, which facilitates future adaptation to a school routine. Practicing piano lessons also helps foster a sense of personal responsibility.

Increased Exposure to New Things

Children benefit significantly from being exposed to new things. Piano lessons teach children about different music genres such as classical and contemporary. As they grow older, piano lessons also incorporate lessons about composers and cultural sounds from around the world. Exposing children to new things helps them develop an inclusive mindset that welcomes diversity.

Early childhood education programs that include creative arts in their academic schedule or as part of their enrichment programs further promote children’s cognitive development and academic success. Contact The Learning World Academy today to learn more about our piano enrichment program.

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