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Why the Best Pre-K Programs Incorporate Music into Their Curricula

The best Pre-K programs offer extracurricular programs to support early development and the early acquisition of different skills. For example, many integrate music classes. Here are a few benefits of exposing children to music during the early years.

Improved Educational Experience

Did you know that children who attend preschool and get exposed to music classes do better than other students? According to Social, children who attend preschool are at least one-third of a year ahead of their peers. That’s a huge benefit that may significantly contribute to your child’s future academic skills.

Better Language Skills and Test Scores

The unique benefits of music can help improve your child’s language skills. Many early music lessons focus on singing fun and engaging songs with clever wordplay and rhythmic patterns. This kind of exposure may result in easier acquisition of complex language skills later in life.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Studies have found that children who are exposed to music develop higher self-esteem. According to a report by, schools that utilize music programs have a 90.2% graduation rate and a 93.9% attendance rate. That’s over 20 points higher than schools without music related programs. Schools with integrated music programs may positively influence your child’s self-esteem which can result in greater motivation to attend school and graduate.

Stronger Math Skills

The best Pre-K programs understand that music is not just a creative skill but a mathematical one. That’s because music is based heavily on mathematical concepts and can therefore improve a child’s understanding of concepts such as addition and ratios. Enhancing those skills from a young age can help your child in their later academic years and life.

Stress Relief

Is there anything more relaxing than listening or playing a piece of music? Though initial practice might be stressful for children, developing music appreciation and/or mastering a musical instrument can provide them with a great outlet for stress and anxiety they may face during their later years.

Boosted Creativity

Music taps into so many elements of your child’s creativity. It helps to activate various neurons and fires new neural pathways that can improve their cognitive skills. That’s a huge benefit to keep in mind when searching for a pre-k program for your little one.
The many benefits of music education in the best Pre-K programs make it essential for you to seriously consider this opportunity for your child. Contact us to learn more about our pre-k and the music program we offer.
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