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How Preschool Teaches Your Child Social Skills

Attending preschool offers students the opportunity to socialize, share, develop conflict resolution skills, and learn important academic concepts. All of these provide long-lasting educational benefits. In fact, according to NPR, 70% of students who attended pre-k programs graduated at a significantly higher rate than those who didn’t. Let’s discuss the socialization benefits that preschools provide.

Play With Peers

Children can’t learn to socialize if they aren’t in constant interaction with other children. While in preschool programs, children get to meet and interact with others who are in their age range. The interactions often include playing, building, role playing and other forms of recreation. The younger children are when they begin interacting with peers of similar age, the greater their socialization skills will be.

Communicate Effectively

For many children, attending preschool programs gives them the first opportunity to communicate with other children of the same age. By doing so, they can learn to exchange ideas and engage in reciprocal conversations. Developing effective communication skills can also help children become active participants during large group activities. Effective communication improves their self-confidence and makes it easier to learn throughout grade school.

Learn Empathy at an Early Age

Empathy is an important skill that many people lack even as adults. The ability to empathize with others promotes understanding between different social groups and helps reduce the potential for personal conflicts. Children learn that people may have different perspectives and that different points of views need to be respected. They also learn to identify emotions and motivations which helps them develop the ability to resolve conflicts more effectively.

Foster Cooperation and Sharing Skills

Preschools offer children opportunities to develop sharing and cooperation skills. When sharing with others, they discover that new friendships are developed and that playing becomes more fun. Cooperating with others promotes trust, helps develop self-control, negotiation skills and the ability to resolve potential conflicts. These invaluable skills are essential to become successful individuals who are able to develop and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lives.

As you can see, the impact of preschool in a child’s social development cannot be overstated. Beyond the fundamental lessons in academic concepts of letters and numbers, preschool serves as a crucial environment for the cultivation of social skills that lay the foundation for a lifetime of positive interactions. You can learn more about our preschool program for young children and how it can help your child improve their ability to socialize and succeed academically. Contact The Learning World Academy Doral today!

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